iPhone.... Moving to AT&T.....Verizon Wireless can go to #@&!

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So Apple in January made it clear that they where going to do an iPhone but not until June

Well, I wanted to test out a Treo - use it ... see if I liked it.. not be locked down to a contract.

Told the person at the Verizon store that I wanted to pay retail for the phone (treo) So I would NOT have a contract...... Never thought to look over the paperwork that closely.. my mistake

What a smuck of a company! They did the paper work to sign me on under a 2 year contract

And are saying the lowest plan I can have is one at 34.99$$

Anyone know of any 'laws' or 'rules' or 'backdoors' into finding a way to stay with Verizon but get on some plan in the 15-20$ range -- Not breaking contract ???

Or would I just be better off to pay the 175$ cancel fee.. and not go back with them?

p.s. As of 6/29 I am a Happy iPhone user .. the Treo IMO. On a scale of 1 to 10. (10 being Very good and 1 being Very Bad) I would give the Treo 700p a 6 out of 10 and the iPhone a 8.75 - maybe even a 9 out of 10


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    You got screwed - twice over in fact, because you could have gotten a lower price on an unlocked Treo on eBay than from the Verizon store (where you most likely paid MSRP for the unlocked phone).

    But you signed the contract, so you are screwed. AT&T does the same thing, BTW - each time I have bought an unlocked phone on eBay and went in for a month to month plan with no contract, they always try to sneak a contract in there anyway.
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    The reason why they try to sneak them in is to get commission.

    They don't receive credit on non-contract activations.
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