iPhone posting from 05-26-05

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This old posting from May 26, 2005 is quite funny to read now that the iPhone is out:




Apple MUST create a PDA-iPod-Phone device to survive.


There's only one obvious question about the future: What do you need to carry in your pocket at all times?

Right now most anyone has a cell phone in their pocket. Socially it's considered the norm. People are shocked when they find out someone doesn't have a cell phone. Of these people who have cell phones - how many have iPods? Quite a lot.

As it stands now, I always need my phone in my pocket - the iPod is optional. However, I need much more from my phone. The OS sucks! The internet sucks on a phone too. The future is with cell phones or multi-functional pocket devices. An iPod/Phone/PDA device would sell like mad. I've seen rumors here and there about an Apple prototype of this sort. An iPod Shuffle could easily fit into a cell phone!

Here's what it needs:

Compatible with most carriers

High Speed Wireless Internet (carrier provided for a fee)




Email client


USB or Firewire

iPod built-in

SD slot

Any thoughts on this?

(This is a must for Apple)



Funny. Now that the iPhone is available - I don't really care to buy one. The THIRD or FOURTH iPhone? Now that will be interesting.

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