1ghz Titanium fan always on, not temp related?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hello to you all. I am a new member. Some of you will recognize the problem I am asking help with.

I own a 15", 1ghz Titanium Powerbook. There have been many posts on the web about the problem of the fan always on. My 15" starts it's fan when the temps are read as low as 28C and usually around 30 or 31C the fan starts going and won't stop. Without any CPU demand, it gets going and keeps going. I figured from my research that the fan should be turning on for this unit around 48C, but most of the time I was reading a range of 59 to 65C for the fan to turn on. So, I'd like to set the fan to come on at a number between 59 and 65C. If I found a fix, I would try 65C first. I have a home audio studio, and the noise is the problem.

What I have tried to fix the problem (with no beneficial effects on the problem):

Resets>PRAM and PMU

Replaced the 10.4 AppleADM103x.kext to the one from 10.2.8.

Reinstalled 10.2.8

Installed G4FanControl 0.5, but it would not open up. Contacted the developer, no word yet.

Considered smcFanControl 1.23, but that is for the MacBook only.

Considered FastSlow, but it seemed only for the G5.

All I want to do is to control, reset at what temperature the fan comes on. it would be nice if it stayed there and started up at the new setting, but I would be willing to reset it at every boot up. many thanks in advance to any help here. Larry
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