Little Fun at the Sprint Store

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This weekend, I tagged along with my wife and daughter to the mall. Got tired of Bath and Body Works and those kind of places. So I went off to have a little fun while they kept shopping.

Went into the Sprint store at the mall. Acted like an average consumer and asked them innocently if they had an iPhone I could look at.

Well, of course the guy said they don't have any. I replied back that I thought the iPhone worked on everything. He replied back that no, the iPhone won't work on their network but they surely had something that I would like.

I added that the iPhone is just so cool. The ads are really awesome. I've gotta find an iPhone. Gave me a look like he was getting tired of me or had heard this before so I left.

Give it a try. It is the most fun you can have without an iPhone. Well, not really....but still...


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    lol... that sounds almost as fun as going into a store and putting random things in people's carts when they aren't looking. Or going into a best buy and talk jargon to the morons there and get them so confused that they forget what way is up.
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    feynmanfeynman Posts: 1,087member
    What I think would be even more funny is going in there with an iPhone and show them the coolness of it And then show all the customers how cool it is
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    bageljoeybageljoey Posts: 1,915member
    Originally Posted by bobmarksdale View Post

    ...putting random things in people's carts when they aren't looking.

    Wow. That takes me back!
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