Despite quotes of 2-4 week shipments- iPhone really #1 sold item?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014 >> "Top Sellers" Not only does the iPhone make the top 10... but it's number 1 ?!?!?!

Are more people buying the iPhone than iPods?

Can this be right ? This list also has iPod over selling iPod nano?

There are stories of Apple selling 700,000 iPhone over last weekend.-- if They should that many in stores + iPhone is number one on the 'Top Sellers' on .. then... WOW




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iPod shuffle

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    cato988cato988 Posts: 307member
    that might be a marketing move...

    because its beating the ipod, its now the new coolest thing
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    aisiaisi Posts: 134member
    In the April-to-June quarter Apple will sell 9.5-10 million iPods, iPhone sales will reach approximately 1 million units.

    The iPhone is only sold through 1,840 AT&T Wireless stores and 160 Apple retail stores in the United States, a grand total of 2,000 storefronts, and Apple's online store. Apple had 40,000 worldwide distribution points for the iPod as of January 2007 (20x as much compared to the iPhone) and they may have more by now. The Apple online store is not that important for iPod sales.
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    Well, iPhone had pent-up demand. Anything less than #1 would be shocking. I'm sure the rankings are based on 'orders' and not 'shipments', so, I think it's a good number.
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