Dell 2707FPW - good monitor choice for the Mac Pro?

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Seems like a good price and decent quality for a *VA based panel

27" - 1920x1200 - 0.303mm pixel pitch



Currently at £734 inc.

If only they thought about adding FireWire - they'd probably get more Mac users interested...!


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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member
    cant comment on the 27" monitor, i have the 24" inch version, mine is not so good, others say their 24"'s are great, we had a discussion about it a while ago, but its slightly cheaper here and these people have always been good to buy from and never caused me any grief.
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    spindriftspindrift Posts: 674member
    I have the Dell on my PC and it's a very good monitor. I also have a 30" Cinema Display on my Mac and I love it. Personally I wouldn't want the Dell on my Mac, but that probably just because I like to think of my Mac as some kind of Mecca away from my PC. But that doesn't mean that the Dell isn't exceptional value.

    If you're not worried about having a Dell sceen sat above you're lovely shiny Mac, then go ahead! It's a great monitor.
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