French Site- LCD iMac Facts/ Figures Dubious

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I have seen a few references now to the French Reseller site at:

<a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

MacUser points to the PowerMac G4 prices given in euros. The site also gives prices for the new LCD iMacs.

BUT check out the new LCD iMac page/ details at:

<a href=""; target="_blank"> _00011</a>

A few things immediately ring false.

1. Graphic/ Photo. They have a picture of what I assume is a mock up of the new LCD iMac

UPDATE: As I was writing this they changed it to an image of the TIMECANADA version !!!:

They appear to have cut/ pasted this one from the TIME cover.... and added a new screen infill ( rather than SJ mug shot) and added an iMovie DVD to the side.

[edit] actually looking at it again compared to TIME version it may be new shot as the angle is different and also it is larger. Also just seen other large photo ofn other thread.

[edit NEW] Confirmed. This imapge is in fact cut from the TIMECANADA article. It is shown on the just released macGeneration site scans:

<a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

Does this give any more validity to there facts???

2. MANU. order Number

This points to them ripping off the dubious specs posted by Spymac amongst others ie

the low end version gives details as:


IMAC 750 MHz - G3 / 256 MB PC 100 SDRAM / 20 GB DD / écran 15'' CRT / carte ATI Rage 128 (16MB) / CDROM 24x Ethernet / Modem Graphite ou Indigo.

Prix indicatif CLG 899 ? <hr></blockquote>

As I posted previously the MANU No. stated in the spymac ( there it was for a low end CRT model below LCD models) is M8545LL/A . If you check that on the Apple site it is in fact the reference for Mac OS X 10.1 !

3. Graphics Card spec

It also states that the iMac will include ATI Rage 128 and ATI RADEON 7000 graphics cards. Humm

4. Price

They state a price for the low end CRT iMac of 899 euro which converts to only $899

Mid range LCD iMac as 1,459 euro /$1,285.67

Top end LCD iMac as 1,659 euro / $1,462.07

The top end is lower than TIME and include a low end CRT iMac ( which may well be retained for education etc)

For the G4 models they give a price from 1,899.00 euros/ $1673.59 for the low end to 3,899.00/ $3436.19 for the top, end.

5. Specs.

Hardly any of the specs tally with the TIME details.


All in all it suggests that the details have been fabricated and taken from dubious sources, even mixing details. Guess it's a quick way to generate traffic to their site. Just surprised a source like MacUser links to it.


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