Galactic Civilizations II on Imac

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I'm just wondering if anyone has managed to get Galactic Civilizations II to run on their Intel iMac using bootcamp?

Whenever the installer asks to switch discs it fails to auto eject . For PC users its no big deal because they have an eject button. However as you know the iMac does not have an eject button.

When I boot into windows (And believe me I hate doing that), I have a desktop shortcut to the disc drive that I can use to eject the disc. But the Galactic Civilizations II installer will not let me alt-tab to the desktop which renders my shortcut useless.

Its frustrating as hell because I have heard really good things about that game and for some reason strategy games are the only type of video game that can hold my interest anymore.

Please tell me someone has found a way around this cruel situation.
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