Itunes is deleting podcasts from my library

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I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. Recently Itunes began deleting podcasts from my library, at least it appears to be doing so. WHat I get is an explanation point to the left of the file, if I click to play it I get the message "The podcast ... could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?"

I've read earlier threads where this was explained as a result of moving the Itunes library to an external drive, or something similar, however I've never moved my directory. I've got Itunes set to keep all episodes so that shouldn't be the problem.

The only things I have done recently are upgrade to Itunes 7.3 and synched a second ipod to Itunes (although the second Ipod only synchs photos, songs are added manually and podcasts aren't added at all). I don't believe either should be the problem.

I know the podcasts are being downloaded because there are podcasts synched to my Ipod that disappear after a few days from Itunes. It's almost as if once the podcasts are transferred to the Ipod they are set to be deleted - even though my settings don't call for that.

Any insights would be a great help.



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    I would assume that you have the podcast preferences set to "keep: All episodes", right?
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    Yeah that was the first thing I checked. I also went back and manually selected do not auto delete for each and every one as well.

    Thanks for trying to help. I'm at the point where I might just reinstall my library from scratch.
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    I was having the same issue. I unsubscribed from all my podcasts and deleted all of them, then I re-subscribed to them. After I re-subscribed I control-clicked on all of them and selected "Do not autodelete." I have not had any issues since then.
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