Three drive RAID system on Mac Pro

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Hi, i'm new to site and to mac but have finally taken plunge and am now the proud new owner of 3.0ghz mac pro. It is an incredible machine and I cant understand why I persevered for so long with the cranky blue screen of death that was my old pc.

I will be using the machine mostly for photoshop CS3/ aperture photo manipulation of RAW images up to 15mb size and around 50-100mb file size in photoshop, via the X1900XT card. In time I will want to move onto HD video.

My machine has a single 500gb drive at the moment however I have ordered two further 500gb drives. I am looking for the Holy Grail of storage (speed and security!)

What should be the best RAID configuration with these three drives? Can I use RAID 0 on the boot drive? And can I set it up without loosing the current data on the single drive?

I would be happy to intermittent backup rather than mirror drives at night if it improved access read write times.

What is the best way to go about this? and what should the best block size be?

Many thanks


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    Here is a report of some RAID configuration results I would raid the first to drives together and then use the third as a scratch/project drive. Or no RAID and use the 2nd drive as a project drive and the 3rd as a scratch...
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