Mac Conversions

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I was on vacation this past week and I had the great experience of converting someone to a mac... not just once, but twice. One was a new college student and his family said they were keeping an 'open mind' about macs and pcs since they had recently heard good things about macs but had little info on them. I convinced him to get a baseline Macbook with 2 GB of RAM and AppleCare. The other was a married couple in their 50's who wanted a laptop for around the house but were frustrated with windows and Norton. I set them up with the low-end MBP and AppleCare. Mostly all I had to do to convince them was show them my new machine and how it worked and how fast it was, and they fell in love with it. Now I want to hear of your experiences with converting pc users. Who has the most? Who has the best story?
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