iPhone functions - clarification, anyone?

in iPhone edited January 2014

Maybe someone can clarify a few things for me?

I don't need a mobile phone right now, but I was considering a subnotebook for a long trip I'm planning. Basically just to use email, upload photos to flickr from my camera, the occasional blog, etc.

Then I read on the TUAW blog about activating an AT&T prepaid account and then not using the voice services, but rather using the iPhone as a sort of PDA/iPod combo. Assuming that the non-voice plan is a valid option (which I have doubts about) and my iPhone wouldn't implode upon leaving the States for more than four months (another big doubt--see below) could the iPhone theoretically work as a sub-subnotebook? Obviously not for long typing, but for what's described above.

- Can you move photos directly from a camera onto the iPhone without a computer, as you can with an iPod? If so, I assume you could then upload them onto a site such as flickr? If not, could I plug the iPhone into any computer and put files onto it that way?

- I've read that if you travel outside of the US for more than 4 months, Apple and AT&T will deactivate the account. Anyone know if this is true? If so, I find it ridiculous. I pretty much split my life between two countries, so this is highly impractical if true.

-Also, this may not be the place to ask this but as I'm on a roll I may as well! I understand the free wifi part but am not sure how regular data plans work. Do they run on the same coverage network as voice? And if you are traveling abroad and pick up another carrier, will it continue to work, unlimited and free?

Any help appreciated!!

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