MBP buying advice: now or after 10.5

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Hi everyone,

I am considering purchasing a new MBP, and am weighing the options of buying now versus waiting until 10.5 comes out. I am a graduate student and the current deals open to students are very appealing (free ipod and printer through the education page on apple.com).

I have a few questions that I think will help me to decide:

1) Has anyone used SAS 9.1.x on a macbook pro using parallels? I use this software every day at my office on a PC, and would like to be able to use it on my home computer as well.

2) Is it expected that updated hardware for the MBP will be released when 10.5 comes out?

3) The 4G upgrade through apple is prohibitively expensive (over $600). Would it be possible to upgrade to 4G by installing it myself? Or is only one RAM slot accessible?

Thanks so much. I really appreciate any and all advice.


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    1) No clue. I do bootcamp a lot. A LOT given I'm a .Net developer...but unless you need DirectX then VmWare or Parallels should manage.

    2) Penryn would likely be the next big thing for MBPs. C6 power state for "deep power down" should be nice as well as SSE4. Whether any of that makes it in for October is unlikely (I forget Intel's dates but winter comes to mind and not fall). I suspect the latest Santa Rosa MBP rev was for the expected release of 10.5...

    3) http://forums.macnn.com/69/macbook-p...d-questions/3/ Doesn't seem tough. Oddly, I never even looked at the bottom of my MBP.
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