Request for Beta Testers for new Mac WiFi product

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hField Technologies is looking for volunteers to beta test their latest product in the Wi-Fire line, the Mac Wi-Fire WiFi Adapter.

With the Mac Wi-Fire, Macintosh customers can now enjoy the benefits and freedom that the long range, high performance Wi-Fire offers. With an integrated high gain adapter, extremely strong receive sensitivity, and powerful GUI, the Mac Wi-Fire gives users the freedom to connect to WiFi networks from further than ever. Users benefit from the increased mobility and longer ranges, as well as the faster throughput speeds from further distances, as compared to internal WiFi adapters.

The beta trials will run from two to four weeks, beginning in July. Volunteers will receive a beta prototype unit for testing and evaluation, which will need to be returned to hField Technologies at the end of the trial period (in return we will send a commercial-grade Mac Wi-Fire when they become available a few weeks later). Beta testers will be contacted by phone or email several times during the trial, so that hField Technologies personnel can conduct an interview of the tester?s usage comments and suggestions.

Those interested should write to [email protected], and include a brief description of their typical wireless usage. We are particularly interested in users who find themselves frequently at the edge of a usable signal, and are frustrated by the dropped connections.


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    Thanks for your post.

    Im leaving it online, as it may interest some of our members (including myself), but be warned that some may find it to be spam! As such, please keep it to this one thread.
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    After some correspondence with they guy who's running the Mac beta of this product, I'd ask that anyone who may have some interest in this product contact him. It's definitely not spam and it sounds like a good product for those of you who need more reliable wireless access in spotty reception areas.
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    kareliakarelia Posts: 525member
    Already sent a request. Working at an Apple Specialist, I'm in a prime position to get them some sales, if it works well.
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