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    I have had no problems with iMovie 3 in over 5 hours use of it.
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    surfratsurfrat Posts: 341member
    I haven't really had "problems" as you put it. It's just been freaking sloooow as heck. Now, whether this is a "problem" or just the fact that it consumes more resources than iMovie 2 is unclear to me. But I'm pretty dissapointed, because iMovie 3 has so many excellent features, and it is basically unusable on my PowerMac G4 (400MHz, AGP, 512MB RAM)

    I already tried that terminal trick, and there was no change in the performance of iMovie 3. I sure hope it's not just my computer, and that Apple will just be able to include a speed fix in a future update.

    Here's to hoping!
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    I've noticed a bit of sluggishness (600MHz, iBook, 640MB RAM). But I also haven't used it much, so I cannot say in "real use" how good or bad it is. I also find is somewhat difficult to believe that anyone has had much "real use" time with it given it was only available late yesterday afternoon.

    I've read of problems loading old iM2 projects. Mine all appeared to load fine.

    We'll see. I there are really major issues, Apple is know to fix problems fairly quickly. The argument of whether it was rushed out the door or not is a different matter. I'll reserve judgement until I see the same issues.
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    iLife discussion here goes in Digital Hub. Moving there now.
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