Small Biz VOIP - Need Guidance..bad

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Hello all.

Run a small business with my wife and we adopted Vonage when it got reasonably popular about 2 years ago. With the recent judgements against them regarding intellectual property claims, I thought for sure they would be sued out of existence. So three months ago, I jumped ship to Verizon Voicewing. What a hugely stupid move...

Voicewing sucks. Quality, reliability, options, etc. are not acceptable. Vonage may not have always had the best call quality and their billing issues are legend but it was cheap and always on.

QUESTION- We have three phone lines on VoIP (three diff numbers). What sort of hardware or software (or both) options are out there that are 1)not stupidly expensive, 2) relatively easy to administer 3) stable 4) can handle three phone numbers. As you can guess, spending less than $100 a month on three business phone lines is pretty compelling....


Surely there are other small businesses out there that came to the same crossroads. Any wise counsel would be greatly appreciated.

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