Jay Z & Apple music label

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Mac Rumors have said they have heard the above .........

good idea / bad idea.

Ireland poll ????

right nitty gritty........... please lets not see any of the following.

- posts about rap/rnb/hip hop or any other music being crap. the idea is Apple starting a label.

- any "oh they cann't do this cause of Apple corp court battles"....... as i take it Apple now can as Apple corp lost and for all we know Apple inc brought them !!!!!!

- any post about Apple deglecting the computer side of the buisness ......

personally i think why not.


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,276member
    I don't really see the updside for Apple. Running a label is a lot more than just distributing music. Do they really want to work with artists from the ground level on up? It just seems they'd be more suited to handling the distribution of music rather than cultivation.
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    gordygordy Posts: 978member
    Were this true, it would definitely break their agreement with Apple Corps...again. Besides that, as mentioned above, there's really no upside for Apple. I smell bullshit.
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