Creating Chimera Icons?

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Anyone know how to give a site an icon next to its name on the toolbar when one does not appear automatically.

For instance just has the little blue chimera globe icon next to it, while has a grey apple logo next to it.

how do I change the little blue globe to something else.

Is this possible? If so...How?



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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Those little icons are called favicons, and they are given in the HTML source of the page you linked to.

    The only way I can think of putting those in is creating your own page that points to the AI forum, and then add a favicon on your page. Once you bookmark that page, it will forward to the AI page, and give you your favicon, too.
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    [quote]Originally posted by bauman:

    <strong>Once you bookmark that page, it will forward to the AI page, and give you your favicon, too.</strong><hr></blockquote>That'll only work if the page he makes is actually a single frameset that contains ApleInsider in it. If the page simply redirects to AI, when AI loads, AI's icon will load too. AI actually doesn't have an icon. What you are seeing is the default icon for pages that don't have one.

    I should point out that Chimera does NOT properly load favicons. Chimera completely ignores the source code and looks for a file at the hard path "/favicon.ico". This is bad. If you like favicons, I would suggest you write to the Chimera developers and vote to have this bug fixed. Netscape, Mozilla, and Safari all properly load the icon from the path referenced in the HTML.
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    Thanks guys. I wish I could make them myself but the method described is too big a hassle (and over my head as well). Thanks though.
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    4fx4fx Posts: 258member
    Actually, it is rather simple and doesnt require any changes to the html. All you have to do is create a 16 x 16 pixel gif or jpeg in photoshop (or whatever you use) and then use Graphic Converter to convert it to an .ico file. Make sure that the graphic is labeled "favicon.ico" and place it at the root of your web site.

    Unfortunately, I myself cant get this to work since my university's icon seems to be overriding mine... so Im assuming that you can only have one favicon per domain.
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