Booting OS 9 from external 320 GB drive

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I have a question about booting into OS 9. On my computer I have 2 internal 250 GB drives connected to an ATA/133 card, G4 533 mHz Dual, I have OS 10.4.10 on one drive and I knew I couldn't boot into OS 9 with the other internal drive at capacity 250 MB (232 actual). But what I am wondering is with my external 320 GB drive I tried to boot into OS 9.2.2 with one partition at 320 GB, but can I partition it to say 40 GB / 280 GB and install 9.2.2 onto the 40 GB and boot? Or is the drive just unrecognizable (boot wise) at 320 GB, wholely? Or in other words is the 128 GB limit, a partition limit or a drive limit? Thanks, I just would like input because I have 200 GB of stuff on the drive and don't want to do test it out


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    Your G4 should be able to boot MacOS 9.2.2 from an external hard drive. The caveat is that the drive must have the MacOS 9 drivers installed. A drive that size should be formatted HFS+ (MacOS Extended) which is bootable by every version of the MacOS/MacOS X since MacOS 8.1. Partitioning is generally not recommended.

    If this does not answer your question, then please reword it so that mere human beings can understand what the heck you are talking about.
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    I have an external 320 GB drive. I tried to boot from the drive to OS 9.2.2. Didn't work. OS 9.2.2 does not boot from a drive/partition (not sure) larger than 128 GB. If I partition the external drive 40 GB / 280 GB and boot from a 40 GB partion will it boot? Or is the 128 GB limitation a drive limit or a partition limit. There, that should be clear.

    will it boot will it boot, will it boot will it boot (david letternman skit) hehe
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