Best Macbook dock solution?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I just got a new 2.16 Ghz Macbook (non Pro) and am wondering what my options are for docking? I'd like something that has some extra USB and FW ports if possible. I notice that Bookendz has one:

IMO, it looks bulky, difficult to connect and a little pricey.

Is there one available that I'll only have to plug one cable into a USB or FW port on my Macbook similar to this Kensington dock?

The Kensington one won't work for me though because I have a 20" widescreen monitor. Can my Macbook even support the higher resolutions of the 20" monitor? My MacMini handled the monitor fine. Also, do I lose any speed or any other performance by getting a dock that connects via one cable similar to the Kensington dock?

I'll be connecting to a monitor, keyboard, trackball, speakers, iPod, cellphone (USB), external HD (USB or FW) and various other USB/FW stuff (dig cam, camcorder, etc.) from time to time.

Also, will the Macbook function with the screen closed/down? I'd like to just sit it under my monitor and have one easy to plug in solution.

Thanks for any input.


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