iPhone hacked, according to security consulting company

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Security company Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) claims to have gained total remote control of the iPhone. A malicious html document can cause the phone to make an outbound connection to a server (via WiFi only). According to researchers Charlie Miller, Jake Honoroff and Joshua Mason, "The compromised iPhone then sent personal data including SMS text messages, contact information, call history, and voice mail information over this connection"

If true, that's pretty scary. It's fortunate that the exploit was discovered by a responsible company that turned over their documentation to Apple. My guess is that Apple will respond to the information rather quickly. If there are other security holes like this, I hope they are found and fixed, sooner than later.

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    Indeed it's most fortunate that this was discovered by that company (which seems to have acted very responsibly) instead of being discovered "in the wild". That could have seriously damaged the public's perception of the iPhone, and with that the sales.

    The puplic perception matters a lot to the adaption of the iPhone. The iPhone currently has the image of being "cool" luxery item, something awesome, something to show off and make other people envious. Overall people seems to like it very much. But the public's love is fickle and can go down as quickly as it goes up. If people began to percieve it as being unsafe, it could be disatrous (as an AAPL stock holder that gives me the shivers). I don't think it will happen, but let's not kid ourselfs about what's at stake.

    This exploit seems to be the real deal. A real exploitable hole. Apple needs to work overtime to fix it within days (which I'm sure they will do).
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