Can ripped CD's be stored twice?

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Please forgive this question. I am a noob where itunes is concerned. I have not been using itunes exclusively for music. My son uses Real Player as well as itunes. We are on a PC. My problem is that it appears that ripped CD's are being stored in two folders. My Downloads and then the usual iMusic file. Even when coped through itunes. Is this possible? They are taking up lots of HD space. I want to move all files to itunes. Is that a good idea? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    Yeah, iTunes copies the files into its own directory system. Some people don't like it, and you can turn it off under preferences, but I think most people agree that it's best to let iTunes do what it does. You'll just have to delete the extra files you don't need. I'm not sure why CDs that you are ripping yourself would be stored in My Downloads, but I'm not a windows user. If you use iTunes to rip the CDs, I know that on the Mac it doesn't create any extra files outside of iTunes.
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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 579member
    iTunes has a tool in the menus somewhere (can't recall exactly where) called "Consolidate Library". So if you have all your music showing up in iTunes and have specified a location for your iTunes music to be stored, use the Consolidate feature which will move all your music into the iTunes music folder. Then you can freely remove any music you find elsewhere on your hard drive.

    To be on the safe side, you can also try dropping any other music you find in other locations into iTunes to import it, then use "Check for duplicates" to see if you've doubled up on songs or not.
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