Just got a new MacBook battery suggestions please ...

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Hello everyone, this is my first post although I've been reading the forum for a year or so now. I just received my brand new shiny white Macbook in the mail and I'm very excited. I'm pretty sure it's been posted before, but I would really appreciate suggestions on the best way to optimize the battery performance from day 1.

For instance should I let the power run all the way down without plugging in the Macbook and then let it charge overnight? How often should I let the power run down assuming that I will be most likely using this on my desk for the couple of months or so and not doing too much traveling at this time?

I thank everyone in advance.


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    teedoff087teedoff087 Posts: 348member
    Read the manual that came with your Macbook. It gives the best advice for prolonging battery life.
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    kareliakarelia Posts: 525member
    You'll get the best life out of your battery if you fully charge/discharge the battery. If you are at the desk, and you see the battery is at 100%, it's no harm to pop the MagSafe out until it hits 0%. The more you do it, the better life it will retain over time.
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