Funky Networking

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My iMac intel core duo Wirless card keeps disconnecting maybe every 15minutes. its get VERY annoying. I have all the latest updates and I use a WEP network. I heard switching over to a WPA is better but shouldnt be necessary.

What it does is itll act like it lost the network when I click on the card it still shows my network and I have to manually reconnect.


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    mattc908mattc908 Posts: 85member
    Update: Forgot to tell you guys something its a Linksys router new, that uses wireless G.

    It does it now every 5 minutes, its been getting worse only use to do it every 30minutes a couple months back than progressivly worse leads me to belive might it be hardware? Its still under the warrenty but not by much. What should I do? Anyone? I really need help nothing is working!
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    I had this problem with that same router. I would recommend trying another one if you can before you buy anything just to make sure it's the router.
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    guestguest Posts: 112member
    I was having problems, but I switched to WPA and then gave myself a fixed IP, rather than the DHCP and it works great now. For some reason the DHCP wireless gave my iMac fits.
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