Always the path in the Finder

in macOS edited January 2014

This made me very happy: the latest Finder build (according to has the option to 'always show path'. This will partially helps the lack of 'cut / paste' since people don't always want to use the column view (like me). IF... spring loading works. Can anyone verify this? Thanks!

I used Windows Vista for the first time. The computer crashes due videocard driver issues and I was shocked to see the horrible graphics. I set it to 'classic' (just like XP).

But what shocked me most is that Explorer is a step backwards from XP in user interface design. I always liked Explorer and the ability to copy/paste folder paths in the top, cut/paste, and so forth. But now...Too many buttons. I have to verify if 'i am sure to create a new folder'? Why?!

Finder is now really starting to catch up!
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