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I need to know how to make it so i have a dynamic ip adress on my mac. Is there an easy way to do this? if not, is there a good program, one that works and doesnt hack you, for mac that does this. All the website that have the programs look really sketchy and i dont want to download anything from them.


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    tiptontipton Posts: 54member
    This is usually the default condition. Just connect your Mac and it should work. You don't need a 3rd party program, DHCP is configured in System Preferences under the Network tab.

    Are you using ethernet or wifi? And, what version of MacOS are you using?
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    Tipton is right, it is the default. But guessing from your post, that has not been the case for you. What happened? What are you trying to do?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,381moderator
    I think he means a dynamic external IP so he can't be traced for all the illegal activities he plans to do.

    3rd party software would involve the use of dynamic proxy servers which route your connection through and don't forward your IP onto the servers you are connecting to. These however are slow and not always private.

    You can usually get a dynamic external IP from your ISP, some give you one by default but it changes by itself. There's also modifying packets to spoof the IP but you probably don't want to go to that bother.

    If you are talking about internal IPs, you just need to get a router if your modem doesn't have one built in, otherwise, you will always be assigned your external IP.
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