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    donlphidonlphi Posts: 214member
    I think I made a blunder. I am not used to using headsets to begin with, but with driving restrictions getting tighter, I thought it might be good to get one, so I buy the Apple Bluetooth Headset for the iPHONE.

    After digging it out of the box that is equally as large as the actual iPhone box, I managed to get everything set up. Everything was very slick. I loved the way it paired with the iPHONE. The charging display is great... I'm a sucker for UI.

    Anyway, my first opportunity to use it came to me while driving. I had the earbud in my ear, it fit very comfortably and I really couldn't tell if it was in.

    I proceed to call my fiancee to see if she wants to go out for dinner. She says yes... not noticing any difference in the voice quality or anything, but my window was up. My car doesn't have air conditioning (probably shoulda fixed that before getting the iPhone, but Seattle doesn't usually get that hot), so I roll my window down. NOW she says my voice is muffled. She can't understand what I'm saying.

    The iPhone is sitting in the passenger seat next to me, so I figured it was a reception issue related to the distance away from my iPHONE, so I put the phone in my front pocket and she says the voice is better, but she can hear the wind from driving. I roll up the window and continue talking in my 90 degree car (not typical weather, so I'm not that upset). She says that's much better.

    The next test is while I'm driving again, but a friend of mine calls me. This time, I can't hear him that well. It sounds like he is on a cheap cordless phone. There is just tons of static on the line. I pull the phone out of my front shirt pocket and switch the audio to the iPHONE and the sound is crystal clear.

    Today I was trying to use it again and it was a similar situation.

    Anybody else having rough times with the iPhone Bluetooth Headset?

    I'm really not pleased, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. It seems like it should be able to work in close viscinity.

    When I put the phone in my pocket, the headset is completely worthless.

    Is it possible I got a GIMPY headset? Thinking about returning it and buying the clunky looking Jawbone.
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    I had mine for week before returning it. It would get static with my phone on my belt!!! Loved the design and the dock but it was horrible for quality. I have a WEP200 from Samsung that is really good but I want something different. Any suggestions?
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,664member
    Dear "iPod headphone company", or whatever it is that you are:

    If you're going to spam forums with ad copy, you might take a minute to write something that isn't so transparently....... ad copy.

    Like, "I got these and they're great, they really sound good, good reception, can't recommend them enough."

    You know, normal English as human beings speak it. Just sayin'.

    Also: get a new translator. "Next step I wanna to bought such a cool headphone though" isn't going to win too many people over.
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    WiFi uses the same radio frequencies. What's the hold-up?

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