New Apple Keyboard + Flavors

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Though it would be in Apple's favor to do so (and match its Macbook white & black options), it's unlikely that the following may be offered. But, here's wishful thinking.


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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    That would be sweet, but I doubt it.
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    glossgloss Posts: 506member
    I would totally take that first one in black anodized aluminum. Nice color mods.
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    nevenmrgannevenmrgan Posts: 240member
    Both mods look absolutely sweet and incomparably better than the "original". Thanks for assuring me that the shape is actually cool. The white-on-aluminum combo was the only problem with that design.
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    is that brown?
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    I would so score one of those full black keyboards!
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    fishafisha Posts: 126member
    suppose it were the satin silver effect of the shuffle and nano as shown in the original pictures.

    now suppose the new imac came in a similar metal effect as rumoured .

    it would be quirky if they offered them both in the metal colours of the nano and the shuffle . . . in the same way the original imac came out in the bright colours.
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    l33r0yl33r0y Posts: 94member
    Originally Posted by gloss View Post

    I would totally take that first one in black anodized aluminum. Nice color mods.

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,794member
    Hey Kaipher, fancy knocking out one or two of these flavors?

    Say the green, the blue or the orange? (preferably the blue color with white keys, just like the nano)

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    Great work AND a GREAT first post! Welcome to the boards

    the black out looks a lot better, but if anything I'd hanker after the black keys with the Gold/Bronzed (?) body very nice looking.

    I still think there is a better design, but I'll give it a fair shot assuming it comes with my iMac once they get updated next week
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