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Is there anyone out there who has a Red Hat and a CCNA cert?

What kind of a job can you get with these two certs?

I'm also looking to find out what kinds of jobs are out there for Photoshop/After Effects/Final Cut??

If this sounds like two extremes it's because it is!

I'm collecting info on these two different careers.

I'd like to know what day to day is like, kinds of projects. job satisfaction, etc...

Anyone with two cents to put in would be great!



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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    Adobe Photoshop : Anything related to web, print, video design (you should check your local graphic design school).

    Final Cut: Anything related to video editing for broadcast TV, short films, movies, advertising, cartoon, animation, corporate videos, web podcasts.

    AfterEffects: Anything related to "motion graphics" (think Photoshop in motion) for broadcast TV promos, TV show titles (the stuff at the start of a TV show), movies, advertising, cartoon, animation.

    Basically you should contact and research various graphic design schools, while learning and being certified in these sofware is important, you need to know the "why" (graphic design skills) which will give you a long term future in using these software packages. Also 3D graphics ability (Lightwave or Modo or StudioMax or Maya or SoftImage).

    Definitely, Mac use is a must. Run Linux in Parallels. MacBookPro, 4GB RAM, external FW400 ot FW800 RAID0 setup for "scratch disk"/ "video processing" / etc.

    Post some of your ideas to this thread every now and then to keep the thread alive so others may assist better.

    Good luck...!
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    These two areas are not as diverse as you think it is... Throw some 3D Graphics stuff in the mix, eg Network "Farm" Rendering. Also aside from "creative design" areas there is scientific and medical applications if you are more into that area. "Bioinformatics" could be a very tantalising blend of what you're talking about if you want to combine Unix, Networking, Video and Image and Sound (video, image, sound massive storage very important for eg. MRI, XRay, Cat, Protein expression, Genomics, Ultrasound, video colonoscopy, 3D MRI, etc, etc...) Exciting stuff! Also a lot of university/ K-12/ college/ educaion applications for keeping a whole school network chugging along on Macs, Unix servers, networking hardware etc, and supporting "creative applications" Adobe, FinalCut, Video, 3D Software "computer labs" at schools.
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