First Freeze issue... problem?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Although there has been few freezes or app-drop cases with my iPhone, none have been that severe. However, within the past 30 minutes, there was a severe freeze. I do not know how lopng ago it happened, but I noticed that my pocket was getting hot. I pull out my phone to make a call and it is frozen on someone dialing in to my phone. The only way I can get out is by holding the menu button and the sleep button for a few seconds.

This is where I'm worried. When I turned the phone back on, I had only 10% battery life. I charged it to full when I slept, so I doubt that it beinjg forzen for an hour and a half or so would drain that much. I turned it off and on again, and it still says 10% life. Should I be worried?


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    Nope, perfectly normal.

    Reset it. If it still isn't working correctly then take it to Apple and they will give you a new one.
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    atlasatlas Posts: 90member
    Well everything worked fine. After another charge, no problems and the battery works fine. I guess this was just a fluke.
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