Airport Internet Connection Constant Drop-Off - Any Solutions?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Using an iMac G5 and MacBook Pro, both 10.4.10, new Airport extreme base station and ADSL Nation X-Modem 3M 8Mb Broadband modem, all bought from Apple. Have trailed through hundreds of threads and discussions on these pages and other Apple forums trying to find a solution to this problem which is obviously affecting a lot of users. As mentioned, Airport BS is available, but Macs cannot connect to the internet. The only suggestion anyone seems to have is rebooting the Airport BS (as it has a self-assigned IP), which does work, but only for a short period of time. Then the internet connection drops again (for no reason I am aware of), and it is back to square one. This is no use to me as I work away and have to dial into the network over the internet - I can't reboot my BS from the other side of the country!

Does anyone know 1) why this happens? (I was until recently using the old Mushroom BS and did not have the same issue with that), 2) what can be done to stop this from happening? And 3), if Apple is actually likely to address this fault?

Thanks for your help
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