Jobs' Latest RDF Effect

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I agree with anyone who decide they like the design of the new iMac. It's almost perfect now and I would totally buy one (as opposed to never having any interest in the old white ones).

But I wonder if anyone noticed the way Jobs compared desktop PCs and all their clutter to the AIO design of the iMac. Sure the iMac is an attractive AIO package that we all think is a brilliant pairing of form and function. But I bet no one noticed that Jobs didn't compare the average desktop PC to Apple's only true desktop solution (with REAL desktop parts and components) the Mac Pro!

If you were using a Mac Pro, which is to say a comparable experience to using a desktop PC, you would realize that the cable clutter is also comparable. With the exception of an internal Bluetooth adapter, I can't think of a single thing about a Mac Pro/ Cinema Display combo that doesn't produce as much clutter as a desktop PC. You can't even say it has a built in iSight!

Folks, buy the new iMac because it's a beautiful design that serves as a convenient solution for your needs. Don't buy it because Jobs says its better than desktop PCs.


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    icibaquicibaqu Posts: 278member
    he was comparing a consumer level, i.e. average, desktop "PC" to the consumer level, i.e. average, desktop they offer.

    he was comparing oranges to oranges.

    and with that i expect a bad ass mac pro revision coming in the future.
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member
    The iMac and Mac Pro are both better than desktop PCs.
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    Dell XPS is the high-end model.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Originally Posted by Go Banana View Post

    Dell XPS is the high-end model.

    Yeah, but still, most consumer desktop PCs are still minitowers with a bunch of cables coming out of the back of them.

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    mrpiddlymrpiddly Posts: 406member
    Not the one he showed. That is the middle model. The high end one looks like crap, they tried to be all cool, and i should know because i own one. It should be really fast except for that fact it runs windows.

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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    Oh man. I burst out laughing every time I see one of those XPS machines. I swear it looks like a glossy version of the air conditioner I used to have in Hong Kong
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    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,147member
    The Mac Pro is a workstation, not a PC. I wouldn't put it on my desktop because it is a behemoth!

    Apple needs a mini Mac Pro, but the complaints would be that it isn't expandable enough.

    I love my iMac Intel CD. It is perfect for normal consumer PC use. And much more attractive than the usual desktop PC. It's not the fastest, but it's fast enough.
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