800mhz FSB CPU, 667MHZ DDR ???

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just cannot figure out why apple is pairing Intel CPU's with 800Mhz (4x200) FSB's with DDR 667Mhz (4x166) memory. Although I don't intend to start the async vs sync bus speed debate, I would like to know why DDR 800 (4x200) is not being used in this nice new macs? It's certainly possible to install DDR2 800mhz memory in these machines but I don't know if the "bios" (not really but you get the point) will adjust to synchronous data transfer across the bus. It just seems really odd to me. I'm picking up a MBP or Imac in the next 8 weeks and may install windows to do some sandra tests to figure it all out.

I did pull some info out of the apple whitepapers on the old G5 imac and it indeed showed that cas 2 memory would not only work.. but would actually run at CAS2 vs the CAS 2.5 that it came with. I realise that CAS Latency and FSB speeds are different topics alltogether but Im trying to make the point that sometimes for cost or other unknown reasons.. apple chooses to install less than desirable parts when their hardware will actually run much more efficiently by oinly spending another 1-200 bux.

Anyone care to comment?


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    It's wierd to me, I thought about the same thing. I am ratio man when it comes to systems, and I can't believe they make the Chip speed 3:1 CPU:Bus on (2.4 gHz) but the ram to bus is 800:667 or 133:111 thats funky... or 6:5 I guess if you divide both by 133. Stupid, and 18:5 CPU:RAM
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