Apple products are made to fail

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Check out what this guy thinks

I'm not sure I agree but I kind of understand that Apple knows how to squeeze the cash out of you. Great marketing by Apple.

The new iMac still rocks


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    I had an original Bondi Blue iMac - 5 years, got a SE Graphite iMac - 5 years and now have an eMac for two and the only problem I have had was a HD failure on the Graphite 20 days after I bought it and it was replaced free.

    To each his own. But from perusing this blog, the author is an idiot anyway.
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    mrpiddlymrpiddly Posts: 406member
    I used to have an old mac, early mac pro, and it lasted like 12 years. It was even running "some" modern programs decently. The harddrive eventually broke and plus, i wanted to upgrade.

    On the other hand, my HP shitbox lasted 3 years before its harddrive broke and other componets overheated.

    I love how some pc users think that the entire world builds their computer or upgrades it themselves. Upgrading can be good somtimes but other times it just annoying. Like once you upgrade the ram then 1 year later, you need to upgrade the GPU and then the processor is dragging you down.
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    I hardly see how someone's obsession for having the latest, greatest, and fastest hardware translates into 'needing' to upgrade. The older product will be a bit slower, dirtier, and less cool than the new one, but in no way will they need upgraded. His opinion that just because a newer product is released, it makes the old one obsolete, apparently only translates over to apple products. Also, does he not realize that when upgrading a pc, one usually upgrades one component at a time over the course of a few years, eventually replacing the older one completely, yet it doesn't seem like a replacement because of it's long process. What a moron.
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