My cool idea for Google - organizing search results

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Why can't we organize seach results like a folder in the Finder organizes files? We could sort results by date created/modified, size, domain, etc. I'm sure someon's thought of this already, and Northern Light back when it actually worked (what's up with that anway, not searching the ACTUAL internet) Search Folders grouping results by catagory was cool. But why doesn't Google do this already? I just realized I needed this when I was doing homework for my Issues in Biotech class looking for news on Biotech companies. Since biotech is changing so frequently sorting by date would have helped me a lot. If you could invest in 5 biotech companies what would you invest in? I had to hammer this out right before class so I said Celera, Amgen, and Bayer (makers of Cipro which might become popular considering what we're getting into with Iraq.)

I need two more I'm going to just quickly pick before my class starts, but if I can change them, what should I pick?


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    Biopure is a good bet. they make a good fake blood hemopure that will be approved by the fda any month now. The military is sure to stock up since hempoure has a shelf life of 3 years at room tempature.

    PS. i own some.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Okay, I give up, what has this to do with Mac software?

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    Overhope: Whats it matter? Are you a mod? Thats why there are mods. So we don`t have to worry about it.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    *ahem* What does this have to do with Mac software?


    Now, as to the actual original topic, Sherlock at one point way back when used to let you save searches. I had a bunch of 'em that I used for research. Want to see the latest developments in your field? Just select all the search files and double-click. Voila.

    Sadly, that's gone now. Would love to see it back.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Yes I was rambling since it was right before class but thanks xterra.

    Kickaha I wonder why they killed that; I bet it will return.

    However, I am still wondering why Google doesn't already let you sort results with data like this. I mean it is incredibly useful and can't take that much resources. Should I file for a patent? I called it!
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