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Hey everyone,

Im just wondering if there is any way to get stuff like iLife installed on Windows. Really what I want is iMovieHD or something like that. There arent really any programs like that for windows. Any information you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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    mrpiddlymrpiddly Posts: 406member
    most of the sollutions i can think of are illegal in nature so no, i cant give you advice.
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    jake_11jake_11 Posts: 35member
    I don't know of a way to make that work either. But there are a lot of programs for Apple that there is nothing like for Windows. If movies are important, you could consider buying a Mac just for them. That is why I bought an iMac a few years ago and now I use nothing but Macs for anythng.
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    I can think of a few that come close to iLife. Audacity is similar to Garageband in some ways (actually it's multi-platform), except the UI is far lacking, and it has a lot fewer features. Now with Garageband '08, I'm sure it's much more primitive by comparison. Picasa, put out by google can do some similar things to iPhoto, again with fewer features, but at least the UI is decent (not as nice as iPhoto though). Nothing for iMovieHD or iDVD though.
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    I don't know about any of the other apps, but Sequel is pretty close to Garageband in scale and function.
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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    For iMovie type apps the only two I can think of right now are Windows Movie Maker, which is somewhat horrible, and Adobe Premiere Elements, which is fairly good in my opinion. Elements is closer to Final Cut Express than iMove though in terms of UI and ease of use.

    Adobe Encore DVD is somehwat in the same area as iDVD, but it's buggy, slow and akward to use.
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