Why did it all fall down within the last 14 hours?

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Apple did so well to keep everything under wraps up until now. A G5 or atleast a G4 iMac would be something that people would want to leak...

First it was time. this can being on purpose, the link to the time article and all suggests this.

Secondly, it was apple themselves. I can't believe this one....

What next? Steve just gets on stage, runs through a list of specs, then goes for 100 on X(10)? 100 apps


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    Why are you asking us? Aren't you always in the room when all the big sh*t goes down?

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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    time magazine is lots for free pub with a front freakin cover for SJ....too good to pass up...not many would see the time magazine before speech...the timecanada thing was a mistake, other than that, SJ can't change time magazine's release date, so he moved his speech up instead...it almost worked and still will be a big surprise to all except us web geeks...g
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    jasonppjasonpp Posts: 308member
    The new mag is on newstands here. Canada is ahead again. I'm freaked about this.. Apple Canada HQ is right around the corner from here!!
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