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I've been following AppleInsider for sometime now, and decided to finally register to post to the groups. I'm not sure if you guys have touched on this or not, (if so sorry for the post) however, the biggest problem with the iPhone's functionality is the lack of the ability to delete multiple emails at one time.

I sent feedback to Apple, and posted a response to Geoff Fitch on the Apple iPhone forum titled: deleting multiple emails. ( This seems that this is not only a HUGE problem to me but many others as well.

Has anyone here heard if Apple is addressing this issue in any way? I am at the point that to check my email on the road with my new $600+ iPhone just isn't worth it.

As i stated in my Apple post, "It is absolutely critical to be able to mass delete emails. In a perfect world I would only get emails from customers, etc, however, I can get up to 150+ spam emails per day. (Yes I have junk email filters set on my Entourage, and even some through my ISP, but it?s just not enough to block all the spam.

We need to somehow be able to delete multiple emails in one swipe. PLEASE!! It is almost not worth checking my email on the iPhone because of the time needed to clean it up afterwards?takes way too long one by one."

Can anyone here give me any encouragement that this may be addressed in an upcoming software update?

Thanks, and keep up the great posts!


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    Apple doesn't respond to anything.

    However I agree with you. As Mail lacks spam filtering on the iPhone, and without 3rd party application support you can't add SpamSieve (aka the best spam filtering, ever), you're kinda screwed.

    The best, proposed, way I've heard is to forward all email back and forth to a Gmail address as Google applies pretty good spam filtering on incoming messages.
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    filburtfilburt Posts: 398member
    And it would be very trivial to implement. (1) Inside mail folder, click Edit. (2) Tap red "-" button to select multiple emails. (3) Hit Delete to delete multiple emails.
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    I have thought of routing my email through a third party spam filter like Google, etc., however, this creates another problem. I would then have to go check my Gmail to see if the spam filter snagged good emails by accident. So, I would have to check Gmail to check my iPhone email. What a cluster. I just can’t believe they have overlooked something so baseline.

    Filburt – you couldn’t’ be more right. A simple check or highlight multiple emails and then > DELETE. How much easier could that be!?

    This would save so much time. No kidding, if I don’t check my email on the weekend, I can come in Monday and have hundreds of junk emails. Currently most get filtered through Entourage and are then easy enough to deal with. Simply scan through them, and what is that again… delete them one by one, no that isn’t it…what was it…uh, oh yeah right, highlight the ones you don’t want and hit the DELETE key! Amazing, ground breaking, or was that like “Code 101” - MULTIPLE EMAIL DELETION!

    Sorry for the rant, but this is such a pain, it relegates my iPhone secondary to my laptop for emailing on the road. For what it’s worth, the iPhone users I know have the same sentiment on this one. Please, fix it now, not three updates from now! (I actually do know quite a few iPhone users BTW)

    There are so many posts on the Apple site regarding this, may I be so bold as to request someone at the AppleInsider staff look into this most basic of missing functions. I think whatever they could dig up would benefit every single user of the iPhone. (Well those who check email anyway)
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    you guys are so correct. I have been deleted spam from my computer and only manually get my emails from the iphone because of all the spam that comes through. I get 50 to 100 spams a day... I only wish we could get even with the Spammers....

    Apple indeed needs to listen to this request if it wants to be a business phone. We need help out here. If apple listens to this forum, it will be able to create a GREAT phone. In the time i have been a part of this forum, I am amazed at how exceptional the insight has been.

    Lastly, Apple give us a Voice dialing, Task list, email spam ability, and multiple deletes. The sooner the better before the glow of a great introduction turns into unharvested thoughts.
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    I did put in a call to Apple to see if they had any words of wisdom or had heard of possible modifications regarding the mass deletion of emails problem. The guy stopped me before I could even get out my question.

    He said they take quite a few calls everyday on this one, however, he did not know of any fixes in the pipe. (My eyes were rolling in a ‘Whatever’ fashion at that point) He was polite though, and apologized several times saying that this was a legitimate problem with the iPhone at this point.

    He of course recommended everyone fill out the Apple “Feedback Form”, as he said that does drive Apple modifications. (So he says anyway)

    My loftly expectations of the iPhone are now tempered with frustration, and guess freedom from the laptop isn’t quite here yet. UGH! Seriously wish I would have known prior. Just didn’t even think to ask something so basic. Shame on me…
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