His Steveness oughta pack it in and retire

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While he's at the top of his game. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

Many Stevenotes have gone by and I wonder about his spleen (also see Billy Shakespeare on this one). Especially the recent glossy iMac event, the old boy is feelin' his bones creak when he groans, sitting down to demo that which he'd "love to show you".

How many more hints is he going to drop? He sometimes seems more interested in the weather in Hawaii than he should. This is just the tip of the iceberg...

There's something about his onstage performance these last few rounds that's getting just a little, well, old. His language is old. If you're not current with the street, how can you best be at the centre of the movers and shakers?

"Web 2.0" and all — this bucket of a catch-phrase. I'm somehow beginning to think his sources aren't his own, and that he's got a mill of researchers filling his inbox with now sound gems.

There's a middle marketing position taken up by his replacement, somewhere right at One Infinite Loop. Soon he'll be tapped to ride shotgun, and receive nods from the board. Ives is brilliant but it's not him; he's quietly spinning aluminum in his head.

The Steve might leave Apple and reinvent himself, of course. Some new philanthropic venture, remembering his early beginnings. The OLPC project is already out. Maybe some grass roots need that everyone simply cannot be without — and like Google — he would give it away.

If he doesn't make it to Paris in September, it may be as early as next year.

He's gotta go.


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    Yeah, he is really old, what is he now 52? It is amazing he can still walk....

    And as far as street cred with the yutes, the yutes are all wearing his iPod and it looks like some have even bought a few MacBooks...
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    I actually agree with some points; he need a break tho, not a retirement.
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    Originally Posted by plodwin View Post

    He's gotta go.

    Shorting Apple stock, are ya?
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    houseleyhouseley Posts: 147member
    Originally Posted by trevorlsciact View Post

    I actually agree with some points; he need a break tho, not a retirement.

    ...have you forgotten what happened last time he took a break?
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