Unlock your iPhone in 150 easy steps

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It looks like everything is working exept edge stuff (not available on croatian tmobile)

more details on: hackint0sh.org

Tutorial: "Unlock" your iPhone with SuperSim


Warning! For Education only! Proceed at your own risk! Your provider can block your subscription!

If your carrier SIM cards is not COMP128V1 this method is not for you!

INFO for other sites admins - Do Not Copy-Paste this tutorial on your site because this tutorial is almost updated daily so u will have a "wrong" tutorial at your sites. If U must put link to this thread at your site. Thank U!

Thanks to Vladimir_CDI,ozbimmer, who figured this out! I Just wrote a "How to...", let's start....

U will need::

1. an iPhone

2. SIM Reader/Writer (Infinity USB Unlimited, Dynamite Programer(I used this) ,etc...)

3. SilverCard

4. Your SIM card (It must be a V1 ,U must be able to get Ki number)

5. Download - http://simemu.gsmhosting.net/SIM_EMU_6.01_CFG_v2.1.zip

- http://www.kinforce.com/down/kinforc...rsim/ws109.zip

1. ::Getting IMSI,ICCID & Ki number from your SIMs::

Step 1 - Your(V1)SIM

1. Put your carrier SIM card in programer

2. Run Woronscan

3. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.

4. Click on "Task" tab then on "ICC select" u will get a ICCID number, write it down.

5. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "Ki search", in pop-up window just click "Search", and wait,Ki extraction has began.(I was waiting for mine 40 min ) When u get it, write it down.

Step 2 - Getting IMSI from AT&T SIM card which came with an iPhone

1. Put your AT&T SIM card in programer

2. Click on "Tasks" then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.

3. Close Woronscan

4. Remove SIM from programer

Now U have all "data" to make SuperSim.

::Making SuperSim::

1. Download & extract - http://www.r*p*d*h*r*.com/files/4749..._iphone_u1.rar

1.a Put your Silvercard in programer

2. Run Sim-Emu 6.01 Configurator v2.1

3. Click on Configure tab

4. Click "Read from disk" button

5. Browse to your downloaded Flash&EEPROM files, first double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1.HEX and then double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1_EP.HEX, now they are loaded,positions 0 and 9 are red colored,thats fine.

6. In position 0 , type in data which u got from your carrier SIM with Woronscan - IMSI,Ki & ICCID!

For ADN/SMS/FDN# type 161, 15, 4, for SMS Centre type in your carrier SMS center number.

7. Now select position "9", here type IMSI from AT&T SIM card ,and PIN1 ,PUK1 same like in position "0" ,NOTHING ELSE!

8. In "Config mode" check "Files" circle check button

9. Click on "Write to disk" button,u'll be asked to save new created SuperSim Flash&Eeprom files,Save it!

10. Write those NEW created Flash&Eeprom files on Silvercard with your programer software!

11. http://www.mobileshop.org/usertech/simcutting.htm

2. ::Making your iPhone SuperSim compatible::

Step 1

MAC - http://www.hacktheiphone.com/iphone_...dding_mac.html

WIN - http://www.hacktheiphone.com/iphone_...g_windows.html

Step 2

WINDOWS users - For already "fake activated" iPhones ,put the AT&T SIM that it came with iPhone in it or deactivation in step 12. will not work!In "Step 15" when U are filling in fileds ,for ICCID use your carrier SIM ICCID not AT&Ts! When u download a "custom activator v0.2" DO NOT PROCCED to Step 16! At this point remove AT&T SIM card from iPhone(still connected to computer),put in your SuperSim AND THEN procced to Step 16.!

MAC users - In step 18. type your carriers SIM ICCID where needed

U will get Activated iPhone with your SuperSim! iPhone will say "Locked SIM", Don't panic!, its only a PIN lock, tap unlock---type PIN 1111. U can disable or change PIN later in Settings--Phone--SimPin.

MAC - http://www.hacktheiphone.com/iphone_...intel_mac.html

WIN - http://www.hacktheiphone.com/iphone_...r_windows.html

EDIT: I changed tutorial so that u use ICCID from your carrier SIM. (Thanx ozbimmer)

EDIT: Added link to new SIM_EMU_6.01_iPhone_u1(Thanx Vladimir_CDI)

EDIT: Removed step to disable PIN in Woronscan,added info how to disable PIN in iPhone


..::Working iPhone in Croatia with SuperSim::..


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