I'm drunk, should I buy a migty moese nd wireless keybroda?

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omg im waaaasted. Sjould i get a migty mouse. thy look sweet but idk. I have a mb, but no money yha know/ i esp need teh migty for lots of photpshop nd dreamweaaver. Is it too cumberome? Should i get a logitec instedd> Do logitects do bluetooth that works w. macs? I herd tehy didbt...setails please. what about teh new keybord, its missing numbreds on the right, does that suk?

I endorse blue moon.


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    Funny, I tend to type quite well after drinking.

    I think you should probably avoid buying anything when your drunk, judging by your inability to function.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Get a pony! Dude, you must have a pony! Do it now! Go out and start looking for that pony! Knock on all your neighbors doors and ask if they have a pony!
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    I think you should buy a mighty mouse tonight, in fact i have a spare you can buy now if you want?

    Its a special one though, limited edition number 7 off the assembly line, in fact Steve Jobs himself finshed it off. I did have a certificate somewhere but i lost it, but you can buy the mouse for $800 if you want. send me an IM and i will give you my bank details dude.

    PS i would not wait until the morning if i was you, I am gonna put i on ebay with a $2000 reserve, just giving you a chance to get in on the ground floor so to speak. Have another drink and think about it some more you will see it makes sense!.
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    saikosaiko Posts: 46member
    I hate it when people try to fake a buzz. Yes, go spend your money. In fact, looks like murphyweb has a pretty good deal for ya. Go get em sport!

    Let me know when you enter high school.
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