Photoshop CS2 Plug-ins [Silverfast]

in Mac Software edited January 2014
This is a really numpty question and I can't get over how difficult this is.

I've upgraded to Photoshop CS2 (I know I know..I'm behind) and when I run my Silverfast autoinstall, it installs the Silverfast Plug in both as 1). a stand alone application in APPLICATIONS and also in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP-->PLUG INS ---> IMPORT/EXPORT where I can see the Plug in as TWAIN and also SFTWE-6 (Epson-...).

So why won't it work?

When I go to Photoshop and open up IMPORT ---> Silverfast SE I get:

Check that Your Scanner is properly connected to the computer and is switched on (well, yes of course..)


If SilverFast still can't find Your scanner, please refer to the logfile "SF_LogFile" inside Your SilverFast folder.

I've done everything that I've supposed to. and for some reason, my Acrobat reader can't read that of the Silverfast software...

Anyone else shed any light on this?


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