Address Book Syncing Problem

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On my iPhone, the contacts i add manually are not synced to my Mac's Address Book, even though a pop-up window states "there will be a 5% change in your contacts, etc.." I don't know what to do...

Is there anyway to fix this?

P.S. When I used to sync my iPod nano with my contacts, iTunes would say "You Address Book is empty, please add some contacts" even though I have ~30 contacts. For some reason, Address Book now syncs fine with my nano. ??? Are these two things related?


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    I had the same notice when I was syncing my iPhone the first time as I recall. (There will be a 5% change in your contacts, etc.) I was actually on the phone with Apple when I got that message and asked them what I should do. I can only tell you that she told me to click ok and everything worked fine and never got the message again. It didn’t do anything to my Address book, but updated my iPhone as it should.

    I don’t know if the two problems you describe regarding your Nano and iPhone are related, kind of doubt it, more likely an Apple update to your iTunes fixed the Nano problem. Either that, or the Mac fairies dusted your Nano when you weren’t looking!
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    Another problem should be added to my list: Now, i rearranged my contacts so that they are in different groups, but itunes still thinks i'm using my old groups.

    (eg. itunes shows my groups "family" and "friends", but i have added a new group called "acquaintances," resulting in a rearranging of my contacts... It shows the new contacts, but not the new group)

    Also, when I sync my iphone, it syncs contacts that are old/syncs contacts multiple times so that i have 2 cards for my sister, 3 for myself, 2 for a few other. There really isn't any order which ones have duplicates, but I suspect that itunes is not syncing with my Address Book, but with some hidden backup file in the back of my imac (grrrrrr)...
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    May have a solution -- it cleared-up my problems.

    1) Close all open applications

    2) Open iSync.

    3) Go to Preferences and Reset Sync History.

    4) Quit iSync.

    5) Open iSync again -- this time you'll notice a message on the window about reconnecting to AddressBook and Calendar.

    6) When iSync finishes (the message goes away), quit iSync.

    Now, try your sync again. You can use either the circular arrows on the menu bar (that will sync AddressBook and iCal without loading iTunes), or you can bring up iTunes and sync there.

    The process actaully updates files in your ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices folder. Try it and see if it helps.
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