.Mac only sync iCal leave iDisk, etc?

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My wife and I would like to just sync our calenders on our two different .mac accounts...we tried subscribing via the web but it turned into an ugly mess.

We want to keep our own iDisk accounts (especially with the new iLife) and keychains and stuff...

any thoughts on just syncing Calender?




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    Not sure i understood but did you go to the system preference > .Mac > Sync?

    There you can choose what needs to be sync'ed
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    Right already did that. That is how I am currently syncing the calender.

    However what I want to do (for example) is

    .Mac Wife's account

    - Pull iCal info and send iCal info

    My .Mac account

    -iDisk, Keychain, etc

    I essentially want to have two .Mac account on my machine I guess is the best way of looking at it. However, I only want to access the iCal of my wifes account.
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    I continue to think about the formulation of the question:

    Maybe better to say is:

    How do I sync iCal info to/from my wife's .mac account to my .Mac acount without using lame subscribe to calender and still allow me to sync MY iDisk, iWeb, etc on MY computer?

    Essentially her .Mac account is the master calender for both of us....
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    I didn't think you could sync different .Mac accounts. Isn't syncing used for different machines with the same .Mac account?
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    I see well

    Maybe both need to publish your calendar and then have your wife subscribe to your calendar and you to subscribe to her calendar thru ical. This way,both of you simply sync your own calendar and it's automatically updated for the other.

    Does that make sense in your situation?
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    That's what we tried and it was a messy disaster. Colors all over the place, etc.

    Exactly what I am trying to avoid having to do.
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    I see i thought you used the Mac sync feature to sync data to your wife .Mac account and that the mess was that it sync'ed your keychains and all as well to her account.

    The "disaster" is weird, I mean you get to choose the colors of all your calendar in iCalsoo.. yu can tell you wife to create a special "shared calendar" so that you do not receive any of her other appointments

    Hum... tricky.

    I'm thinking you may want to look at some Automator scripts that you make as plugins for iCal. I have no idea but there might be plugins that let you automatically copy / publish an event to another calendar for example

    There is another method but probably not what you want :

    My gf is on Xp and she uses Google Calendar. She subscribed to my Google Calendar. I synchronize my iCal with Google with Macness's gSync ($10). it works very well; All is webbased and editable on the web as well. I use this method because GCal cannot subscribe to ical feeds so it has to directly sync with Google.

    Finally i'm thinking about the Group feature in .Mac. It has a calendar so maybe you can use it as a shared calendar without messing with your own...
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