How can I stop send the "?" in my emails

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I have to send our hundreds of emails from my MAC, and these usually will go to windowz usere. When they get the email it has a "?" Question mark where a carriage return was done, see example below plus there are other places where they apear:

"We had a crew?consisting of Ken, George, Eric, Jim H, Rick & Anita, Bob R, Roger, Susan Jim W, Ron and myself go down to camp and begin replacing the roof on the Stagecoach Depot and installing a sink in it as well. The roof is about 50% complete and will be finished over the next two musters. It looks fantastic. Camp is really shaping up. Thanks to George, we have the chimney getting worked on in the main fireplace also. Roger donated the sink and an air conditioner for the apartment.? New member Bill K donated a hot water heater for the new sink!? Ken has set up a Registry at Lowes, Walmart and Home Depot. Simply go to those sites and look up the Registry. If you?ve wanted to do something to help out but just can?t? get to the border, here is a way to help those who can.

So many people to thank! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!



Thanks for the help, this is very flusterating....


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    What happens when you send that email to a Mac? When your Windows user logs into a web browser? What Windows version? What email app?
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