Restore contacts from iPhone?

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My PowerBook, the computer I was syncing my iPhone with, went belly up today - the HDD is dead. I've backed up most of my important files, but I've added a number of contacts and calendar entries since my last update. These are all on my iPhone now - is there a way to get them FROM the iPhone onto my PowerBook (once I get a new HDD for it)?

I know, I know - I should've backed up more often. I promise I will, in the future


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    when you install the new system on the new hdd...

    BEFORE you plug in the iPhone, make sure iTune prefs are NOT set to automatcally sync.

    Make sure your AppleID/iTunes account is etablished within iTunes.

    Now, plug in the iPhone and see what it tells you ... it may give you an option of syncing the phone to the mac (bad... your mac is empty) .. or syncing the mac from the phone (good).

    I seem to recall seeing something like that when i was messing around with the phone shortly after i got it (and i inadvertantly erased the phone after plugging it into the pBook, since it was origionally sync'd on th iMac!)

    No guarantees here, but it MIGHT work.
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