Macs and HD-DVDs?

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Can a new MacBook play (and then rip) HD-DVDs or only regular DVDs?


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    mrpiddlymrpiddly Posts: 406member

    You can even watch high-definition video if you?ve installed the Apple DVD Player 4.6 Update. In fact, DVD Player 4.6 lets you play DVD Studio Pro 4 authored HD DVDs from discs and hard drives.

    Look here too

    im not as sure about ripping but it should work if you have a player, maybe.
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    mrpiddlymrpiddly Posts: 406member
    Also, you need some way to first get the hd dvd to your harddrive or an hd dvd player in your computer.
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,797member
    That info from Apple is highly misleading. Expect to see a class-action suit soon .

    It does say in the text that the DVD player will play DVD Studio Pro authored discs. But it doesn't really make it all that obvious that that's the only type of HD video it'll play. Commercial HD-DVDs are off the table, as there's no H.264 High Profile or VC-1 codec implementations.
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