Mobile Phone Operators should Stop Meddling in Marketing Affairs?

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Mobile operators are engineers, not marketers, I believe that Mobile Phone Operators should not interfere in marketing affairs.\ It won?t work - the current mobile technology is not optimised for data, although a big revolution is taking place in telecoms infrastructure, with the old telephone systems being replaced by an IP-based infrastructure. As happened with mobile data, researchers continue to advertise the market for IPTV, mobile marketing, mobile TV and IPTV. Unfortunately, this only creates confusion and stretches their infrastructure.


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    Dude, i am not sure why this poll is here and what your point is?? The network operators are the ones who made the investment in building the networks and they are fully within their rights to exploit that investment to their own advantages and make some money from it. There is nothing wrong with that at all. In the UK the mobile operators paid as much as US $40 BILLION for the 3G licences, that is a huge amount for money for a country with only around 60 million population.

    It may not be good for competition and creating new businesses and services i agree but you cannot blame the operators for holding up progress, blame the governemnts if you need to blame anyone.
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