Syncing music OFF of my Iphone to Itunes ??

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So I use a couple different iTunes depending on where it's home or the office and I've had no problem just syncing similiar libraries with recent additions.

Now I really need a copy of one of my tracks (it's my music so copyright/licensing shouldnt apply) at the office and cant figure out how to dump something from my iphone onto my desktop ... can you only send music TO the iphone? If it's limited and essentially functions as far away from a storage device as possible (i understand updates are coming thanks to lurking here) then that's really not what im interested in at all.

im new to apple to the point where the closest thing ive ever got to even an IPOD is using Logic 7.2 at the studio... meaning, I know nothing... so if this is user error, please advise.


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    great now all my music is lost. I'm glad my music is so well "managed". I knew there was a reason I'm still pc
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    atlasatlas Posts: 90member
    No, you cannot sync OFF of your iPhone/iPod to your computer. There is, however, certain programs that allow you to do that. The reason why your music library was erased was because they are both on auto so they auto-delete themselves. In preferences switch them both to manually manage songs OR make it so there is only a playlist that is synced, not the entire library.
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    thanks man...

    apparently those tracks are now gone from my library as well so i cant resync but i definitely had it all set to automatic. i just dont like how potentially erasable it is. i would imagine im not the only person that uses multiple pcs with different itunes accounts... ugh.

    know a name of the thirdparty app you're referring to ?
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