Groupcal - Anyone use it?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I tried this app a long time ago. I think version 1. Back then I remember that it duplicated a lot of my events and even deleted some. Dev finally admitted some big bugs. Looks like version 3 may have some promise but I am a little leary. (At least you can now backup iCal easily!)

So. Anyone use it and have a good experience?


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    I used it quite a bit for awhile when I was working in a large corp office. It worked - it took a little finagling with my IT admin and what not to get things working optimal, but it worked and I was able to get meeting invites and book office spaces time blocks, etc... I used it in conjunction with icalviewer -

    Now, I have no need for them anymore as I am not in that corp enviro anymore (thank god) so not sure how the very latest version are.

    Btw -- this an entirely new developer now - the old guys who had the original problems are long gone - and the new guys are very responsive.. for what thats worth..

    This app is not cheap, but if you just have to have compatibility, it's really the only game in town.
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